HAPPY SPRING! The Easter Basket Ice Cream Cone

Fresh cut tulips, sunflowers & lilies...
glorious rays a yellow sunshine...
A magical bunny rabbit that defies the laws of nature by laying chocolate filled eggs...
It's official! Spring has sprung!

This Easter Sunday's forecast in Southern California
predicts warm weather and clear skies.
I don't know about you, but I'm left with the notion that
Sunday would be a perfect day to enjoy a frozen dessert.
However, a simple scoop of ordinary ice cream will not do! 

Submitted for the approval of you and you're inner holiday festiveness,
I give you…

easter+ideas, easter+basket, Easter+ice+cream+cone

The Easter Basket Ice Cream Cone

easter+ideas, Easter+ice+cream+cone, Easter+basket


Talenti Sicilian Pistachio gelato
Newman's Own strawberry licorice twists
Lassens bulk organic shredded coconut
Lassens bulk organic jolly beans 
Let's do it... Organic, organic ice cream cones 

This quick little creation takes seconds to assemble and is sure to bring a bright eyed smile to kids young and old.

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We hope you have a beautiful spring weekend!