Buffalo Wing Cheddar Spicy Fondue

I'm not positive why I became obsessed with fondue in High School but for some wonderful reason, I did.
My best friend Mickey and I are the self proclaimed Fondue Masters. We would meet up after school (a fon-date) to make our melted-cheese-magic. That being said, in actuality we had no idea how to properly fondue. We just sort of winged it with fresh mozzarella, cheddar, garlic and milk (which by the way, is delicious!). While in my mind this simple childhood creation is the original fon-dream (putting a "fon" in front of a word goes along with being a self proclaimed Fondue Master, or if I may, a Fon-Diva), I have since experienced some creatively outstanding fondues.

For example...
Today at Lassens in Ventura, our lovely Demo Captain, Taylor was accompanied by
our wonderful Regional Cheese Manager, Vanessa, to delight our customers with fresh, hot...
Buffalo Wing Spicy Cheddar Fondue!!!

Yancy's Fancy New York Artisan Cheese provided our team with this unbelievably delicious recipe.


In a medium saucepan over low heat, mix milk, Worcestershire sauce, ground mustard, garlic and flour. Heat until almost boil. Gradually stir in Yancy's Fancy Buffalo Wing Cheddar Cheese, Continue stirring until all the cheese has melted. Keep mixture warm and melted in a fondue dish. Serve with crusty bread, favorite vegetables, diced ham or kielbasa. 
Vanessa (left) and Taylor (right) bestow their fon-wisdom with their active cheese fondue demo
The buffalo wing cheddar uses habanero, jalapeno and cayenne to deliver a massive kick to your face (there will be no physical damage to your countenance seeing how if these little peppers did have legs, they would be very small.) while the creaminess of the cheddar and milk is eye-flutteringly scrumptious. Be the hit of the party when you bring this fondue (Fondue Master approved!) to your next get-together!

Have a wonderful weekend and a beautiful day!