A little help for the bones and joints

(cue Queen) I like to ride my bicycle! I like to ride my bike!

Written by Gayle

Here I am with my biking buddies, Saucha and Catherine.  
Isn't this a gorgeous place?  Can you guess where?

My buddies and I like to ride a couple of times each week.  But about two years ago I started to feel a little stiffness in my thumb.

I would especially notice the stiffness when I was braking hard--and I don't think a thumb giving out at 30 mph down a steep hill is such a great idea!

So I started to do a little research about bone strength and joint stiffness.  I realized that I could use more Vitamin D.  (Especially since I am religious about sunscreen--I have that easily burned pale skin!)

I also asked some of the helpful supplement consultants at Lassen's what they would recommend.
As a result, I added these two supplements to my regular routine.  

Vitamin D3--which aids in the absorption of Calcium--and Wobenzym N--read all the good stuff on the bottle!  I take Wobenzym N when I'm feeling stiff or I have inflammation.

One of the worst things about getting older is the fear of losing flexibility, mobility and bone strength.

Taking these supplements has helped!  I don't have the stiff thumb I did so I have no fear of not being able to grip my brakes!

So if you see me happily screaming down hills in Ventura County, be assured that I will be able to brake with both strength and confidence!