Once again the trip to Natural Products Expo West this year wast an adventure, both thrilling and dangerous! Thrilling because of all of the new and wonderful sights and smells! Dangerous because, well, by the time I left I thought my stomach was going to explode! I'm usually very good at stopping when I'm full - expo is one of those rare times when I decide to ignore that little voice that says "Ahoy there! You're done! Quit eating!" ... but there's no much to try!!!, Natural+Products+Expo+West

Here are a few of the highlights!

Of course the first place I ran to (if you can remember last year's Expo blog) was Barleans. I was particularly excited for the prospect of frozen Omega Swirl, as they had done the previous year. Thankfully when I arrived, mouth salivating and eagerly awaiting a frosty delight..., Natural+Products+Expo+West

I was not disappointed!, Natural+Products+Expo+West

Not only was my frozen treat waiting for me but it was also the icy debut of their new flavor for the Essential Women's blend of Omega Swirl, formerlly chocolate raspberry, it has now been changed to chocolate-mint... which happens to be my favorite!, Natural+Products+Expo+West

Wandering over to the MegaFood booth, I get a tip that momentarily Dr.Weil will be having an interview.
I popped into that for a minute. Click HERE for a little article on that conversation., Natural+Products+Expo+West

As I made my way through the supplements portion of the Expo I caught glimpse of Now Food's Cranberry, mannose + probiotics concoction and I thought I might take a little taste. It was pretty darn good I tell you!, Natural+Products+Expo+West

Host Defense Organic Mushrooms has a neat and informational booth displaying the actual wild mushrooms that they put into their supplements!, Natural+Products+Expo+West

By this point green coffee bean extract has practically become a household name for it's weight loss supporting properties. I got the chance to try Genesis Today's Skinny Coffee, a creamy cappucino using green coffee bean extract. Yum!, Natural+Products+Expo+West

I had to stop by Spring Dragon to check out their Wild Reishi extract. While there I was also able to try Ant Extract... something I never really thought I'd try..., Natural+Products+Expo+West

Natural Vitality was sampling out their new product Plant Sourced Minerals liquid which is made from fossilized plants! Craazy!, Natural+Products+Expo+West

Here's a new one! 100% Organic Aronia Berry Flax Oil from Sawhill Hallow!

On to the foods..., Natural+Products+Expo+West

Gotta stop by Angie's..., Natural+Products+Expo+West

For some Politely Sweet & Spicey popcorn! Nom nom nom!, Natural+Products+Expo+West

Clif revealing their NEW protein bar which yields 30g of protein!, Natural+Products+Expo+West

Pretty self explanatory... kale chips are probably one of my very favorite things to eat...
that is, of course, until CHOCOLATE comes into view..., Natural+Products+Expo+West

Absolutely  wonderful gluten-free chocolate brownies from Flax4Life!, Natural+Products+Expo+West

With my sweet tooth singing, we come across Halo Top - DELICIOUS light ice cream!
While the vanilla was yummy..., Natural+Products+Expo+West

my heart belonged to the lemon cake ice cream., Natural+Products+Expo+West

So  Delicious was freshly baking fancy little cinnamon pecan scones!, Natural+Products+Expo+West

Suja's raw, cold pressed organic juices are currently in our locations but until this moment I had yet to try them. My favorite flavor, Glow: green apple, cucumber, celery, collard, spinach, kale & spearmint!, Natural+Products+Expo+West

That WAS until I tried Spark:the delightful mix of lemon, tart cherry, strawberry, honey, stevia and then WHOOOOOOOO cayenne!, Natural+Products+Expo+West

"SUUUUUJJJAAAA!!!" she cried into the night.
Until she spotted Daiya.., Natural+Products+Expo+West

Well hello there!, Natural+Products+Expo+West

I don't feel captions are necessary for these. 
Just  take in these pictures. 
Feel what you gotta feel. 
I think I just feel hungry., Natural+Products+Expo+West, Natural+Products+Expo+West, Natural+Products+Expo+West

Some organic maple syrup to sooth the soul., Natural+Products+Expo+West

Mia's kitchen set up a little vinegar and oil tasting station., Natural+Products+Expo+West

Here was a cool company with some awesomely fantastic all-natural dips.., Natural+Products+Expo+West

including this caramelized onion yogurt dip which was knee weakening-ly good., Natural+Products+Expo+West

Another new one - bombay curry dried green peas!!! mmmMMMmmm!!

Suddenly I spotted the words EPIC. by first instinct was to laugh - my thoughts jumped to an image of two surfer dudes pumping fists. "That was an EPIC surf sesh Brah...", Natural+Products+Expo+West

Epic at Expo West meant grass-fed beef, bison and turkey protein bars mixed with fruit.
While this may sound strange, I assure you, it was truly epic in taste!, Natural+Products+Expo+West

...and I'm pretty excited about them., Natural+Products+Expo+West

OH! Goodness me, this was great! Arugula pesto vegan alfredo sauce!, Natural+Products+Expo+West

This was seriously cool: a great way to drink iced coffee. 
Fair Trade cold brew coffee concentrate from Secret Squirrel!

Another tasty beverage that I got to try..., Natural+Products+Expo+West

How good does pineapple, coconut nutmeg soda sound? Well guess what, it is!!!
And it's coming soon to Lassens!

Probably one of my very favorite things that I ate whilst
 browsing the long and lovely aisles at Expo was this bad boy..., Natural+Products+Expo+West

Feta cheese, raw beet and spinach tossed in balsamic vinegar on lavash bread.
Make it - eat it - love it., Natural+Products+Expo+West

Time to get festive!!! Susty-party makes compostable plates, cups and straws for 
 entertaining friends and family! And they're cute to boot!, Natural+Products+Expo+West

Silk Road Teas, just beautiful., Natural+Products+Expo+West

and the winner for most adorable packaging at Expo West (unofficially and just according to this 25 year old female blogger ... you may not agree. It's cool!) goes to Worker B, honey and bee's wax products., Natural+Products+Expo+West

Aside from the cute labels, this company also won my heart
 for their honest and simple list of ingredients.
 If it isn't on the table there, you won't find it in their products.

Hey! This is cool!, Natural+Products+Expo+West

Nova Scotia Fisherman Sea Kelp soap!, Natural+Products+Expo+West

Coming Soon to Lassens!!!!, Natural+Products+Expo+West

To end our long awaited journey at Natural Products Expo West, I decided to check out the Hugo Natural's booth where some fancy looking artist boys made some beautiful spring-time art out of Hugo's beautiful soaps., Natural+Products+Expo+West

Look at him go!, Natural+Products+Expo+West

The end result - Gorgeous!

Well, we all had a SUPER time... (har har har)..., Natural+Products+Expo+West

But all good things must eventually end., Natural+Products+Expo+West

You won this time Expo West... but I guess I did too!
Until we meet next year. 

If you saw something that you loved and that we're not yet carrying at Lassens, tell us about it! Leave us a message here or on our Facebook page (the locations are listed on the right side bar on our page. Is there something else that you were hoping we would find at the expo? 
Let us know! We're dedicated to bringing YOU what you want and need
...but we'll never know unless you tell us ;)

Wishing you a happy healthy day!