Team Member Spotlight--Michelle

She's a Little Camera Shy...

written by Gayle

Michelle is Lassen's Regional Vitamin and Health & Beauty Aids Buyer.  I had a great time talking to her and learning more about her!  But she was very reluctant to be in front of the camera...

So I Humored Her!, Lassen's, Lassens, Manager+Spotlight, Ultimate+Flora

Michelle is holding one of her favorite products--Ultimate Flora Critical Care.  She takes this probiotic every day, and she hasn't been sick in years.  She feels it really has helped keep her healthy!

Michelle has worked at Lassen's for more than nine years.  She was living in Bakersfield and was very interested in working for Lassen's there when she saw it was opening.  She actually kept applying and inquiring about a job, but didn't even get an interview!  She was so disappointed.  

But later she visited her father in the Ventura area, and decided to apply there.  She was called back and hired the next day.  At first she was a cashier. She said that was really good for her because it helped her learn how to connect with customers.  Soon she was also working in the Health and Beauty Aids department, which was very interesting to her.  Within two years she was the Buyer for the department, and when the position of Regional Buyer was available, the management asked her if she'd like to take the position.  She was reluctant at first, because she didn't want a desk job.  

Little did she know that she would be able to work with many many people who visit Lassen's with their products., Lassen's, Lassens, Manager+Spotlight, Bare+Fruit

Michelle likes to snack on these dried apples.  They are just apples!  No sugar, no oils, no salt.  They are crunchy and not too sweet, but enough to satisfy a sweet and crunchy craving., Lassen's, Lassens, Manager+Spotlight, Bare+Fruit

As you can see they are also available in Fuji Apple and Cinnamon Apple varieties.  Yum!

Michelle has always been interested in environmental horticulture--growing in harmony with nature--and specifically growning in greenhouses.  She also worked for both Barnes and Noble and Borders Bookstores.  She has a passion for great books--especially mystery and history.  She told me all about the history of opium and how problems with it helped to bring about the modern nutritional labeling on packaging!  So interesting!

Michelle likes inventions and inventors, too.  She mentioned da Vinci as someone she admires.  He was truly a Renaissance Man who was interested and an expert in so many areas--science and art especially.

If Michelle were able to start her life over, she said that she would have liked to be either an astronomer or a modern dancer.  Quite a Renaissance Woman, I'd say, with all of her interests!

The thing that Michelle likes the most about her job is that she is able to meet lots of great people who are local producers of really clean and organic and preservative free items.  She loves being able to help them take their products from just the farmers' markets and selling to friends and family members into a wider market.  She said it's really exciting to feature those local, community based products.  When we buy locally, it's something like 70% of the cost of those items stays in the community.  (We love our local producers!)

Michelle also loves the Deli Beet Salad!  If you haven't tried it, you should -- It is really delicious!, Lassen's, Lassens, Winter+Beet+Salad, Beets

I asked Michelle what she would like to see happen to make the world a better place.  Her very thoughtful answer was that the core problem in the world today is a general disregard for life in all its forms.  If we all had a better awareness of, compassion and care for life--human, animal, plant, soil--the world would be a much better place., Lassen's, Lassens, Manager+Spotlight, Hydrangeas

It's a beautiful world we have--let's make it better by having compassion and care for all life!  Thanks, Michelle!