Are You Looking For More Energy? Or Fiber? Or Protein?

Yes, There's an app….  I mean... There's a Bar for That!

Written by Gayle

We all have busy lives.  And sometimes we don't have time to stop for a real, healthy meal.  And from my experience, I eat much better (and don't overeat later when I'm famished!) if I plan ahead and have healthy snacks available for in between meals.

There are so many bars available for just such occasions.  But how to choose?
how+to+choose+energy+bars, best+energy+bars
This is the energy bar aisle in our Ventura Store.  Yes, you have many choices!

Know What You Want...

Are you looking for a meal replacement?  To boost your protein or fiber intake?  Maybe you need something pre- or post-workout.  Here are some rules of thumb:


Look at the Numbers

You've got to read the labels.  Sorry.  

Try a Variety of Bars

Lassen's has a huge variety of bars, and there are many that will suits your needs.  But it's got to have an appealing taste, too.  Here are three new bar brands that we recently started to carry at Lassen's.  

How+to+choose+an+energy+bar, high+fiber+bar, gnu+foods

Gnu Foods has a selection of bars that are high fiber.  Of course I had to try to chocolate brownie flavor first!  It had a nice texture and flavor, is non-gmo certified, and has only 140 calories (the cinnamon raisin has 130 calories.)    I liked the other flavors as well.

How+to+choose+an+energy+bar, Skout+Bar

I really like the Skout Organic Trail bars.  They have nuts and seeds and dried fruits, with a nice texture.  The calorie counts were a little higher--170-200, but I would totally keep some of these in my car or pack to have when I'm getting hungry between meals.  (And there is no law against eating part of it today and the rest tomorrow!)

How+to+choose+an+energy+bar, Epic+bars

The Epic Bar is the most unusual energy bar I've ever seen.  It doesn't fit into the general categories of bars, because it is meat-based.  They have Beef Habanero and Cherry, Bison Bacon and Cranberry, and Turkey Almond and Cranberry bars.  I've never been a huge fan of jerky (mostly a texture thing) but I really liked the Bison Bacon Cranberry Bar.  It had the substance of meat with a touch of sweetness with the cranberries.  This is a bar that I would take on a backpacking trip or a long hike.  The calorie counts are between 150 and 200 calories.

Give a bunch of bars a try and see what suits your needs and tastes!  With the huge variety that is available, there is no reason that you won't be able to find some that are perfect for you.  Energy bars can really help with our health and fitness goals.  Great for the New Year!