A Healthier Treat for Your Valentine!

Agave Caramel Popcorn is Just the Ticket!

Written by Gayle

agave+caramel+popcorn, agave+caramel

I wanted to make a healthier version of caramel-chocolate popcorn for my Valentine this year, so I went searching for alternatives for the sugary, fatty recipes that we know and (unfortunately) love.  I found several that looked good, so I played around and came up with this delicious version!

Agave--a more healthy sweetener

Lots of us are trying to cut back on our sugar consumption.  But it tastes so good!  So what's an alternative?  Try agave syrup.  Agave comes from the Agave americana plant, which has sword-like leaves.  The juice of the plant is filtered and heated to make a syrup.

Agave syrup has a lower glycemic index than table sugar, and is 1.4 times sweeter.  So less is more!  Agave is also vegan, and the darker varieties have not been heated over 118 degrees, so are considered raw as well.  Agave is still high in fructose, so should be used in moderation, like all sweeteners.  But for an occasional treat, agave is a great alternative to highly processed sweets.

agave+caramel, agave+caramel+popcorn

Caramel-Chocolate Popcorn

You'll Need:

agave+caramel, agave+caramel+popcorn


agave+caramel, agave+caramel+popcorn
agave+caramel, agave+caramel+popcorn
agave+caramel, agave+caramel+popcorn
agave+caramel, agave+caramel+popcorn
agave+popcorn, agave+caramel+popcorn
agave+caramel, agave+caramel+popcorn, valentines+day
agave+caramel, agave+caramel+popcorn


And here's another idea, just for fun--

**If you would like to make caramels, rather than caramel popcorn, cook the sauce longer--until it is firmer when tested.  Pour the sauce into a buttered pan (like a cake pan), allow to cool, and then cut into squares with a sharp, buttered knife.  If you like salted caramels, sprinkle some sea salt on the top of the warm caramel!**

Have a wonderful time treating your sweetie!