Put the Water Where it's Needed!

Wise Watering

Written by Gayle

Now that warmer weather seems to be upon us, the hot days are sure to follow.  And as we all know, we are in a long-term drought.  Let's all be a little more wise about using our water.  Here are some tips:
container+gardening, watering+container+plants

This is the bird-feeder method of watering containers in pots.  It can be done both outdoors and indoors.

Just fill some narrow-necked bottles with water.

container+gardening, watering+container+plants

Then poke a hole about 4 inches deep in the soil close to the roots of your plants.  Now just flip the bottle upside down into the hole and push the soil around the neck to keep the bottle upright.  The water will slowly seep into the soil.  

container+gardening, watering+container+plants

This will keep your pots moist for several days, depending on how hot and dry it gets.  This is a great way to keep your house plants alive while you are gone on vacation--even for a couple of weeks!  (Use a larger bottle for a longer period of time.)  

I'm really happy with how my container garden is going--you see I already have some flowers on my heirloom tomatoes!  And I've used the basil at least a half-dozen times since I planted, too!  

Gardening can bring a lot of tasty fun into your life, too--but let's all be sure to water wisely!