Spice up Your.... Fruit?

You Will Never Be the Same!

Written by Gayle

This is my lunch today.  

spicy+fruit, summer+fruit, mexican+fruit

I love contrasts in life.  Jumping into the cool ocean in the middle of a hot day.   Exploring a dark cave and then coming into the bright light.  Gasping in relief in the middle of a dramatic real-life-adventure book (my favorite genre, as my brother says, is "Someone goes outside and then things go terribly wrong.")  Cool sheets on hot feet.   Sweet and smooth with salt and spice.

And so it was not a surprise that I was delighted at the wonderful contrast when I visited Mexico for the first time and tried those delicious spears of sweet fruit sprinkled with salt and hot spices.  I've enjoyed it every time I've been in Mexico--I seek out the street vendors and their amazing fruits.

Of course this is not hard to recreate here at home.   Our selection of fantastic organic fruits is at its peak right now!
spicy+fruit, summer+fruit, mexican+fruit
spicy+fruit, summer+fruits, mexican+fruit
spicy+fruit, summer+fruits, mexican+fruit
This would be a great fruit salad for your July 4th picnic or celebration--or even just for lunch!