Creamy Fruit Salad

Fruity Fabulousness!

Written by Gayle

I recently got back from a week of a camp for girls.  The chef was amazing and her food fantastic!  She made so many great new recipes, and some variations on good-old-standbys.  I love the inventive ways that she added nutrition to the basics.  While I absolutely love fresh fruit all by itself, sometimes a little variety is fun.  Here is one of her recipes that I have adapted:

fruit+and+grain+salad, fruit+and+grain, farro+grain, barley+salad

Fruit and Grain Salad

You'll Need:

fruit+and+grain+salad, Fruit+salad, farro+grain, barley+salad, healthy+salad


fruit+and+grain+salad, Fruit+salad+recipes, farro+grain, barley+salad
fruit+and+grain+salad, farro+grain, barley+salad, healthy+salad
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fruit+and+grain+salad, farro+grain, barley+salad, healthy+salad+recipe

This recipe turns fruit a complete meal.  The grains add protein and staying power to your breakfast or lunch. It's great as a side dish, too! 

Enjoy these beautiful organic summer fruits while they last!  And for a change, punch up the nutrition with hearty grains and some fantastic Greek yogurt!