Ban the Bitter--Sauté these greens!

Greens are Not Just for Salad!

Written by Gayle

I am not a fan of bitter greens.  I think I have particularly acute taste buds, so I usually pick them out of my salads in restaurants.  But I do like the nutritional profile of greens, even the bitter ones.  Kale, collards, chard, dandelion--all are high in potassium, vitamins A & D, and lots more. So I picked up a variety of greens when I was at Lassen's this week, and tried my hand at softening that bitter taste by sautéing!

And boy, did it work!  This recipe has a variety of greens, but you can use the same method for a single type.  It was a fabulous lunch today!

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Sauteed Greens

You'll Need:

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I love everything about these greens--and you will too!