Welcome Spring with these Bunny-Approved Carrots!

Roasted Farm Fresh Carrots--A Family Favorite

Written by Gayle

I have always loved cooked carrots more than raw, and some of my children have followed my lead.  One in particular loved to ask for "hot carrots."  Here's a recipe for delicious hot carrots that's sure to perk up any Spring-time table.  And your little bunnies will approve!

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Roasted Lemon Spring Carrots

You'll Need:

Spring+carrots, lemon+carrots, roasted+carrots, thyme+carrots


thyme+carrots, lemon+carrots, roasted+carrots, spring+carrots
thyme+carrots, roasted+carrots, lemon+carrots, spring+carrots, herbed+carrots

This is a beautiful and zesty side dish that will complement almost any main dish!  Enjoy our bunny-approved carrots!