Summer Barbecues are Right Around the Corner!

Spicy Rub With a Kick!

meat+rub, rub+with+a+kick, spicy+meat+rub

Despite the heavy fog that has been gracing the coast each morning this week, summer is upon us.  Graduations are happening all over the place, and it's time to take things outside!

We like to grill for an easy dinner, and it's always fun to spice things up with a meat rub.  I threw this rub together to add some kick to our next barbecue!  Play with the spices for more fun, and remember that vegetables, fruits, and tofu can be just a delicious fresh off the grill as meats.  

You'll Need:

meat+rub, rub+with+a+kick, spicy+meat+rub, grilling+rub


Enjoy the classic taste of summer!  And if you'd like to just make things easier on yourself, pick up some Cappy's Dry Rubs (and read about Cappy himself at this link!)